Gender Parity, Equity and Allied Matters : Discourse 3.0

When a girl has bad characteristics she gets reprimanded in relation to her husband, to her marriage, not in relation to her being a human being. But the double standards is worse in that, when a boy has those traits, it’s not that it’s bad for a human being to have these traits; they put it under the umbrella of boys will be boys, men are like babies, they get what they want. But for a girl, oh you’re going to be someone’s mother, somebody’s wife, your mates are married… So you see a girl child being brought up, she’s being molded into a wife, so girls are brought up to be more responsible, to be someone who’s going to look after a family…And following to the assumption that men are like babies too, you’re basically bringing up a girl as someone who’s going to be looking after so many babies in the future, and you’re bringing up a man to be someone who can grow up and still be a baby.


Homemade Coconut Oil

Hi sweets, welcome to MojolaOluwa’s Blog 😀 . I’m excited about your stopover. Come often and do stay with me! Ever tried making some oil yourself? Coconut oil now? I recently did and guess what? It’s uber easy and fun! So I can proudly say I made, no, produced some coconut oil! Lol! With my…

Akara (Bean Cakes)

Whatever your hands find to fry, fry well (lol) 😁. I found some bean cake powder in the house, homemade now, and made myself some bean cakes, no… Some akara (lol). Same diff. Let me tell you how the powder was made… BEAN CAKE POWDER Pick the beans, you measure it out depending on your…


The logic is what it is: logic. And a good one at that. (Chuckling). But fundamental rights cannot be implied. They must be specifically stated, especially in a jurisdiction where written law system is in place. Worse, the same constitution clearly makes it non justiciable. To my mind, the non justiciability of the Chapter is not in doubt. Lawyers have only devised a creative way of beating the hurdle by coming under similar provisions contained in other laws, international treaties domesticated by the National Assembly and Local laws.


Here’s a profound narrative with deep insights. Our hero goes from shepherd to sales boy to caravan traveler to oasis dweller becoming different things to different people at different times, a crystal merchant’s good luck charm, an Englishman’s companion, Fatima’s beloved, the oasis’s forewarner, Alchemist’s disciple… all in the quest to realize his personal legend. If all’s well that ends well, then ‘The Alchemist’ is a beautifully written comedy.

The Introvert

It is perfectly okay, perfectly fine to be an introvert

BEAUTIFUL EXCHANGE – by Tunde Ogunyale

Hallos! Bon soir or whatever the time is on your side of the globe 😀😀 joyeuses Pacques! Here’s a beautiful poem for the season from my friend Tunde Ogunyale, enjoy. We had gone wrong and the world had gone rogue We had forgotten our root and the world, it source As we multiplied so did…

Erin (Laughter)

I The echoes of your laughter Reach me across the times My fears are allayed My wounds are assuaged There is hope for tomorrow.   II Erin! Your laughter is as warm as a summer’s eve Refreshing as the morning dew Reviving as a lover’s touch Your laughter is bliss.   III A ti n…

Of Gender Parity, Equity and Allied Matters : Discourse 2.0

“Exactly. They are mutually exclusive and gender parity does not in any way, address the issue of gender discrimination. To me, it’s just the issue of a man (I hope feminists would not scream at me for using the word ‘man’), an orange and a tangerine. He treats the orange with respect, looks at it decently. However, he batters the tangerine and looks at it lewdly. This unfair treatment definitely won’t stop by the tangerine wanting to become an orange…”


TITLE OF BOOK: Every Day is for the Thief AUTHOR: Teju Cole PUBLISHED IN: New York, United States PUBLISHED BY: Random House YEAR OF PUBLICATION: 2007 NUMBER OF PAGES: 123 BOOK REVIEWER: Mof’Oluwawo O MojolaOluwa Ojo gbogbo ni t’ole, ojo kan ni t’olohun. Every day is for the thief, but one day is for the…

Move On

Move on! You ought to. Move on from nasty pasts Move on from sordid blasts Sometimes what you need is the company Sometimes what you get is the crowd They say the more the merrier I wonder why three is crowd Move on! You can. From the place of hatred Unto love From the place…