Have you ever felt God is doing good things in other people’s life and not in yours? Do you feel God is good to others and maybe not so good to you? These are questions you must have or might have to ask yourself at some point in life. Even if you do not ask yourself, life will ask you. But then is the answer yes? Or no? I think it is much more than a polar question. First it is necessary to establish an inalienable fact, God is good. God is innately and completely good. You need to come to that conclusion without a shadow of doubt. And when I say God, I make no reference to the God we have created in our own minds, by our own experiences. I’m talking about the God who made us and whom we only get to know by revelation. That God, is good. That’s the constant in the equation. There are several variables.

I just feel this morning that life, as A. Oduwole once said, is about time and principles. You need to understand times and know principles. Since the goodness of God in our lives is usually measured in relative terms, let’s be relative in our examples too. So you think the other person’s field is greener? Do you know the principle for a greener field? Are you applying it at all? Are you applying it correctly. Is the other person not doing something extra, going the extra mile while you’re doing just enough. Take business, your shops are by each other selling the same stuff but his profit margin is way wider than yours. Do you know the principles of business success? Are you applying them? Is he more hospitable to customers? Does he keep creditors at bay while you amass them? Does he reinvest the capital while you spend every dime you make? Does he advertise while you simply wait for luck? The list is endless.
Let’s talk about time. The preacher said for everything under the heavens there’s a time and a season. The men of Issachar understood the times. Do you? Are you of those who think success is by luck? It says sow in the morning, sow at night, you know not which will grow but then do you open an ice shop in winter? Okay. Would you open an ice shop in Alaska? That’s principle. Would you open it in January or May? That’s time.

That said, it is important to note that God will not necessarily do for you, what he has empowered you to do for yourself. The human ability is immensely vast and limitless. How would you know what you can or cannot do except you try? The roads in Nigeria are bad. Will prayer alone solve it? No. God has provided bitumen in Ogun State, we have a thousand and one civil engineers, there is an overseeing government. Everyone must play their part.
Third thing is, ‘unform’ the habit of taking things lying low. If the world took Ebola as a punishment from the gods, where would we be today? Not every bad thing that comes your way is your destiny. Look to the bright side of life. For every good and perfect gift comes down from the father of lights in whom there is no variation nor shadow of turning. James 1:17

Then, do not keep doing things the same way expecting different results. Dare to change methods, try out new ways of doing things. Lastly, the preacher said time and chance happen to them all.

N.B I have discovered that for every time a man would say God is not good or God has failed him, there are always over a million voices shouting God is good, God is faithful. So, I would rather look inwards and say, if they can enjoy His goodness, I can too and I will. FOR I BELIEVE THAT I SHALL SEE THE GOODNESS OF GOD IN THE LAND OF THE LIVING. Psalm 68:10&19,


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