Ask Me About Good Food

Hi hello there! Here’s a new something to try out.

Egg (s)
Potatoes (sweet or Irish)
Vegetable oil.

Method (c’est simple)
Cut up your potatoes into thin, vertical strips.
Rinse well in clean salted water
Slice your ripe plantain.
Sprinkle with some salt (optional)
Whisk your egg
Add salt to taste
Slice in some onions and whisk some more
Add a dash of spice(optional)
Now that everything is ready, you should heat up


Complete meal loading…


Isn’t this  worth trying out?


Enjoying my sumptuous dinner. Yeah,  it was dinner for me,  could be any meal of the day for you!

some oil and fry one after the other starting with the plantain actually.
The egg should come last.
To achieve this round shape for the egg, I fried in a small round stainless pan.

P. S Name this dish when it’s done.
P. P. S Enjoy with some juice


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