Ask Me About Good Hair

Straw Curls
Ever made them? This style is just so beautiful both on short and long hair. All I used on this particular one I’m sharing were pink oil and hair cream. The hair’s virgin and there was no gel in sight (lol).

But you actually need:
A pack of straw(drinking straw)
Bobby pins (long or short)
Holding Gel

Hair oil or cream
Cutting comb
Rat tail comb

Comb hair generally
Cut up your straw into sizeable pieces
Begin by dividing into sections
Cut out a section with the cutting comb
Comb with a rat tail comb
Apply cream and gel
Roll unto the straw(you have to decide if you’re rolling forwards or backwards and maintain an even direction throughout
Pin down with bobby pin


Repeat over the whole of the hair
Now I had my client sleep overnight in it because there was no power supply. The next day however we were able to power the dryer and blowdry
After that, remove the straws by first removing the pin and then pulling out the straw from each section in the same direction too
Be careful not to unravel the curls now
You’re good to go.


You can pat gently with oiled palms each morning or when going out to maintain the shine
Carry for as long as you want


N. B. Unraveling the curls gives you another style which was the intent of creating this style originally.
Do this by picking your curls.


My client and I were much more preoccupied with the curls than the picking though.
Have fun! 😘


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