Happy Mothers’ Day

Happy mothers’ day to all the good and godly mothers out there.  Hope you had a great mothers’day celebration. It ought to be mothers’ week actually but hope you had fun. Mothers should be celebrated every day. Anyways mothers’ day was fun. The idea was a cake and drink party.  But before we go on,  let me share someone’s idea of a mother’s day display picture. Here, take a look-


Imagine that! This tells of a violent childhood, if you ask me. I mean mother and child need proper counseling. If you understand the message, many of these items were probably hurled at the child by the mother at one point or the other or better still were employed in beating the child. This is a no, no.  Mothers,  mothers, this is not the way to go. And dear child,  this ain’t nothing to be proud of.
Okay,  that said,  let me share my mothers’ day cake with y’all (of course in pictures) lol.


Ta-da! What d’you think. Two tier home made white cake with royal frosting. Well not to bore you, here are some photos of the making process





Good old royal frosting. And no attempt at smoothing. Cos mama don’t care. How did your mothers’ day go?



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