Ask Me About Good Food

Today’s delicacy is going to be wunder schon! As the Germans would say. It’s a local delicacy popular amongst the South West people of Nigeria. It’s called Amala and Abula. Rhyming isn’t it? Amala and Abula. Lol.
Amala is a ‘swallow’ made from yam flour while Abula the soup is made from a combination of Ewedu (Chorchorus),  Gbegiri (beans soup)  and of course the stew. So how did I make mine?

Beans (white or brown)
Palm oil
Locust beans
Ewedu leaves
Magi (Optional)

For Gbegiri
Soak the beans in cold water for about twenty minutes
Remove the husk and rinse well
Pour some water in the pot,  enough to cook the beans without drying up
Add the beans and put on fire
Add potash, onions, locust beans and pepper
Boil till soft
Remove from fire
Beat to paste with Ijabe (that short broom for such purposes as this)
Pour in another pot
Add salt, magi, palm oil and water to taste.
Heat up for another five minutes
It is ready
Note- make sure the soup is neither too thick nor watery.

For Ewedu
Rinse the leaves thouroughly
Put water on fire
Add locust beans
Add potash and bring to a boil
Add the leaves to the boiling water
Add salt and magi
Boil till soft
Remove from fire
Beat well with ijabe till fine

Serve with choice stew. Mine looked like this


And I enjoyed with  Amala. Hhmmmm, yummy yummy yum yum…


That’s my water bottle peeping out lol.
And it’s very colourful too
Tell me what class of food is not present in this meal? None.
Bon appetite as the French would say.


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