Ask Me About Good Food

Fried plantain is a delicacy anyday. It’s easy to make and sumptuous to consume. One can use ripe or unripe plantain as one pleases. Today,  I am using unripe or more appositely described,  slightly ripened plantain. Leggo!

Unripe/ slightly ripened plantain
Grounded Pepper
Palm/Vegetable Oil

Slice plantain horizontally diagonally(you know what I mean right?)
Sprinkle with salt
Heat up your oil
Fry till slightly crisp and cooked inside
Sprinkle grounded dry pepper on it and enjoy
Alternatively,  enjoy with stew or Efo Riro.

HouseofLivingstones Photography Plantain

Important – you need slightly ripened plantain to get this result. (preferrably the husk will still be yellowish green or mostly green).
Bon appetite.


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