Ask Me About Good Food

Today’s menu is Eba(Garri) and Okro soup. It is a common delicacy in Nigeria. It is a very simple meal to make and time efficient too. Eba is made by boiling water and pouring the Garri into it then turning with a turning stick or spoon until the desired consistency is achieved. Now the soup.
First you need to get your fresh Okro from the market. Some people check its freshness by breaking off the tip. If it breaks sharply,  it is fresh. If it merely bends or opens up instead, it may not be too fresh. I don’t know how scientific that is though.
Next, rinse and grate your Okro.
You could alternatively dice with a knife.
Pour some water in a pot.
Add locust beans (onions and potash optionally) and bring water to a boil.
Add the Okro.
Simmer till softened.
It’s done.
Enjoy with some fish or meat stew. Bon appetite.

HouseofLivingstones Photography Okro soup with chicken stew

Here’s my Okro soup with Chicken stew.

HouseofLivingstones Photography Eba and Okro soup

And of course with my Eba.


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