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     One of the things that determine a succesful coexistence with anyone, for me, is what I like to refer to as ‘door courtesies’. Did I say successful coexistence? Not exactly, I can live with someone who lacks door courtesies, but after I have completed a Structural Adjustment Programme to accomodate their ‘deficiency’. Not to bore you, let me explain what I mean by door courtesies.
     Door courtesies are a series of socially acceptable rules of conduct in relation to doors. That is, how a person behehaves or acts when it comes to doors especially while putting others into consideration. Perhaps it’s something a lot of people overlook but not me. I’ll cut to the chase and share some basic rules:
1. Knock twice before you enter. That’s a conventional rule. Just knock twice and then enter.
2. If the door is locked after knocking, announce your presence and mission. Don’t just keep knocking.
3. If there’s still no reply, leave honourably. Remember people have the right to decide whether or not to open their own doors and to whom.
4. When you come in after opening a door, close it behind you.
5. If someone unlocked the door to let you in, ask if they want it locked after you and do so, especially if they went on in before you.
6. If you have your key to an apartment or room you share with someone and you let yourself in while they’re asleep, remember to lock up after you. Do not predispose your innocent roommate or flatmate to any unforseen danger while they’re asleep.
7. When you’re going out and the other occupants of the house are asleep and have their own keys, lock them in or wake them up to lock the door after you.
8. Avoid slamming the door as much as possible. Apologize when you inadvertently slam the door.
9. Never try to look through the door hole or window when the door is not being answered, especially if you don’t live in the house or have that kind of relationship with the occupants.
10. Knocking is not the same as banging, pounding or kicking the door. Just knock or ring the bell.
11. When you come in through a door wide open, leave it open. I know some people are compulsive door closers but get over it already. Leave the door open.
     And those are the rules. I guess there are a lot more based on each person’ s idiosyncrasies. The bottomline is that our relations with others must be built on profound respect and selfless consideration for them. Here, it might not be do unto others as you’d have them do to you but respect others for who they are even if you’ll never be them.
P. S. Feel free to add your own rules.


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