Ask Me About Good Food – Favour’s Jollof Dipped in Plantain Roulette with Bloody Egg Topping

Earlier in the year, I stumbled on this pictweet…

Source. Twitter

The dish was called Jollof Dipped in Plantain Roulette with Bloody Egg Topping. It went for 12,570 naira.
My first reaction was to laugh at what I deemed the ludicrousness of the price. Then I appreciated the beauty and ingenuity of the cook/chef/owner of the concept. And yea, it is a concept. I went on to send it to some friends to crack them up a bit. Anyways, a couple of months later, one of my friends actually recreated this masterpiece and she shares the process in this post…


A cup of rice
Jollof rice ingredients
2 spoons of veg. oil
2 ripe plantains,
A round plate to give the shape,
1 boiled egg
Pepper stew.

1- Heat oil in a pot and add pepper, tomato paste and other jolof rice ingredients.
Add and let it fry for some minutes.
Wash rice and add it too.
Sha cook jollof rice (don’t forget to boil the egg)

2– In a frying pan, make your pepper stew as if to eat with white rice. Set this aside.

3– Slice plantains vertically each into 4 parts, not too thick or too thin. Salt them and fry ’em.

When all is ready, rinse your shape plate. Line inside of the plate with the fried plantains pieces (two steps at least). Then fill the middle with the jollof rice. Level the top of the rice and cover for about 25 mins for it to solidify and aid smooth removal.
Shell the egg while waiting.
After 25 mins, flip the rice unto a plate. Set the egg on it and add some of the stew unto the egg.
P. S: set the egg such that it  does not roll off.
_Quick,quick,quick, take a picture_

Favour's Masterpiece

Bon Appetite

Favour's Masterpiece

That’s it from Favour. Isn’t it mouth watering? Enjoy!
Caution: Please TRY this at home.


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  1. It looks very interesting

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