Another Trial (1)

Hi Lovelies, today I’m starting a fictional series titled ‘Another Trial’. No free spoilers but I trust it’s going to be a great read. Here’s the premiere. Come along!


“Ooooooh goodness!” Genesis was irked. He rolled over and sat up on the couch wondering who it was that would not turn back after two unanswered rings of the bell. He hadn’t much sleep the night before, being that his hosts were up all night. The wife had been frosting some cupcakes she had to deliver the next morning and he’d had to stay up and chat with Mayowa who stayed up to keep his wife company. During the day, he’d been at Bolu’s end of the year party and just this evening when the couple had gone out on a date and he’d just laid on the couch to catch some sleep, someone had showed up to interrupt him.
Who is it? He fired groggily. No reply.
Who’s at the door? He snapped again wondering if the gateman couldn’t have simply told them the house owners were not around. He dragged himself off the couch and went to the door, hissing severally.
“Hey!” Yemisi beamed as soon as he opened the door and made to enter with her son.
“Good evening to you too”, Genesis blocked her way, angry at her forwardness.
“Oh?”, she looked at him questioningly. “I said hey, I greeted you?”
” No one is around”, he fired back.
“I know, the gateman said so,” she matched his tone. “Can we at least enter and wait for them?”
“Whatever!” He turned back into the house.
“Whatever you too”,  she muttered and followed him. Eniola made straight for the T.V stand, immediately picking out a video cd from the disk rack, a very hilarious animated cartoon he’d seen with the other kids- Bolu and New, over and again.
“Where’s Aanu and Mayowa?” Yemisi demanded.
“They’re obviously not at home”,  he plopped unto the couch and crossed his legs, trying hard to place the familiarity of mother and child.
“I know that, I meant where did they go? “she rejoined taking a seat herself.
” What the- what’s he doing?” He sat up to get a better view of the kid who was removing the disk from it’s casing. “Does he-”
“He’s only picking out a movie. Chill out okay, no one is stealing or tampering with anything so what’s with the attitude?”
“I’m only trying to make sure he’s not meddling with those appliances-”
“Who cares?” 
“Excuse me?”
“Why don’t you put off your guide and gaurd attitude and show some hospitality? Afterall we’re all apparently guests here. ”
“Wait, I don’t even know you guys and I let you into the house and you think I am putting up an attitude? I suppose you would let strangers just waltz in and out of a house under your gaurd if you were-”
“You know what? I’m not even going to bicker”. She rose. “I’ll get us some drinks.”
“I don’t need a drink.”
” Not you? My son and I.” She left for the kitchen.
“Wow, ” he chuckled embarrassedly and waited for her to come, rubbing his palms together as he watched the kid play the movie he’d selected.
” Hey, Eni.” Yemisi handed her son a bottle of soft drink and came to sit, sipping hers.
“Fine, okay,” Genesis stood to his feet. “Since it appears you guys are like second landlords here, I’ll just leave you two to have a good time. Do close the door behind you if and when you decide to leave.” He left for the bedroom.
“Mummy, mummy look,” Eniola called his mother’s attention to a funny scene and they both laughed it off.

By the time the couple returned, mother and son were asleep, and so was Genesis.
“Wakey, wakey… ” Aanu sang into her ears, almost startling her.
“Calm down,” she held her down from running off.
“Hey, it’s you,” she yawned.
“How long have you guys been here for, we didn’t know you were coming?” Aanu sat beside her.
“Hey Mayowa,” she waved drowsily.
“Hi Yemisi, did you meet anyone at home?”
“Yeah sure,” she yawned again, “your cocky overzealous security.” They looked at themselves.
“He went inside or something,” she explained and got up to get Eniola who was on the rug sleeping like a rag, unto the sofa.
“That’s Genesis, you remember him don’t you. He’s-”
“I know who he is,” she snapped.
“I’m going to go check on him,” Mayowa left.
“Now what did he do?” Aanu prodded flippantly.
“What did he not do, treating us like intruders? You guys should talk to him or he’ll chase all your friends off you?”
“Hey, chill-”
“How long’s he going to be here for? So we can plan my visits?”
“He was even going to stop Eniola from watching T. V? ”
“Come on,” Aanu got up laughing, I’m sure he didn’t try that… He’s only here for the weekend though- let me change… “


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