Six Rib Cracking Scenes From Jenifa’s Diary Season 4

1- That time Jenifa gives Segun a lift and he asks if she bought the car.
Segun: This your moto is so fine o. Do you purshase it?


2- That scene where Jenifa’s trying to make an oral statement to the arresting police officer who she tries to help her write it down after her error laden written attempt.


3- When Adaku tries to explain to Jenifa that they had a farewell party for Sege…


4- When Tomi suddenly becomes concerned for Jenifa after she was accused of stealing a car
Tomi: …Then I asked myself, would Jenifa steal a car?


5- When Jenifa insults her manager in Yoruba
Jenifa: Fawo raja
Randy: You said what?


6- And oh, Sege’s touching bye bye… Still in bad English though… So touching.
Segun: …you are the one of my life…



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