City lights are turning on
Empty streets are filing up
Men are set on fire
Hearts are burning for the Lord
And are you still sitting on the fence?

Times are changing
There’s an awakening
The end is nearer now than then
Lives are blazing
For God or the World
The moment of decision is here
Will you be sitting on the fence?

The bell’s tolling
Time’s not waiting
Midnight’s giving way to dawn
Hell is raging
Heaven is calling
Time to sort things out is now
Time to stop sitting on the fence

You’re either here or there
For or against us
With God or with the World
Come to the light
Embrace the Christ
Make up your mind for the Lord
When all’s said and done
There’ll be no more sitting on the fence

Hi Lovely, thanks for stopping by (again). I want you to know today, that the love God has for you in Christ is eternal, God is never going to change His mind about loving you. But the question is this, what are you going to do about this love? Christ died, Christ was buried, Christ rose again and has ascended into the heaven to prepare a place for you and I. Are you going to accept this love by turning to Christ in faith? Or are you going to scorn and let it fritter away? You can’t sit on the fence for long, you have to decide for God or the world. And I pray sincerely with you that you will truly with your heart decide for Christ in Jesus name. You can say the prayer below with me if you want to decide for Christ now.
Dear God, I thank you for the gift of love which you’ve given to me in Christ. I turn to you in faith today. I ask that the blood of Jesus wash away my iniquity and make me whole. I receive the peace of God into my heart today and I ask you Jesus to be the Captain of my boat and Lord of my life henceforth. I thank you because I am yours. Keep me eternally, amen.
If you sincerely said that prayer, congratulations. I ask that the peace of God which passes all understanding guard your heart and mind and that Christ keep you from falling and present you blameless before God the Father at the end in Jesus name. God bless you.