Seize the Day.

   What is life? How long is a lifespan? Do you know? Please tell me if you do. Because I don’t. I’ve seen kids and adults alike exit this world without prior notice. I’ve seen beautiful tales end abruptly. I’ve heard the most melodious of songs cadence unexpectedly…
We all know that life is a continuum but nobody has the power to keep themselves on this side of the divide for even just one extra second. It is not in mortal man to keep himself alive.
      Our lives are already inundated with various admonitions to take the bull by the horn and live one day at a time but, do we ever adhere? During the 1st century BC, the Roman poet Horace wrote, “Seize the day, put no trust in tomorrow”. The Christian Bible says, ‘Say not unto thy neighbour, go, and come again, and tomorrow I will give; when thou hast it by thee. Withhold not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of thine hand to do it.’ In the Lord’s prayer, we say, ‘Give us this day our daily bread.’ Admonishing us not to worry about the morrow, Christ said, ‘…Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.’
      Now, I did not begin to take these so seriously until someone I know died earlier in the year. There were some comments on his facebook wall but the one that particulary caught my attention was that which implored us to look through all his photos and take note of the fact that he held a particular musical instrument all the time. What I learnt from that was this guy knew what he wanted to do in life and he started doing it very early in life. So when he died, he was remembered for something, every one knew what he stood for. That made me ask myself, what if it all ends now? What would I say I lived for? What would people remember me for? What would be my imprint on the sands of time.
      A lot of times, we are preparing to live such that we end up not living at all. Martha was preparing to live, Mary was living. That’s a classic example. This calls to mind my-top-of the-list-of-favorite-movies movie, Pursuit of Happyness. There’s one conclusion I’ve drawn, while we pursue happiness, we will and must content ourselves with the happiness of pursuit. Many a times, we wait for the ‘right’ job, the right husband, the right wife, the right apartment, the right miracle, the right everything to make us happy. The truth is we ought to and must start being happy from now. Every other thing must be an addition to our happiness not necessarily the origin of it. And we all know it, except of course we choose not to admit it. Those things we lay our hope on never bring happiness, we always want more when we get them. So why not divest them of the power to make us happy and be happy in ourselves and our pursuits nonetheless? Again I say, seize the day! I must at this point note that true happiness, indeed joy, can only be found when we have discovered the purpose of our existence and are living it. And we can only find our purpose in God, who sent us here in the first place. When we come to God in Christ, he illuminates our paths and gives us direction and meaning in this world.
      We all need to come to the understanding that our lives are not rehearsals. We are not coming back here. Once the whistle goes, that’s it! We cannot allow other people (family, friends, roommates or classmates as you like it) make all our decisions for us. We need to be intentional and decisive about our own lives.
      This understanding has helped me a lot and changed a lot of things about me. I joined an online personal development group and I’ve been contributing a lot and learning a lot from there. I wear what pleases God and what I am happy in not what others would have me wear. It has re-awakened a strong consciousness of who I am in Christ. It has helped me worry less about what others think of me and helped me live the kind of life I ought to and not the one I presume other would want for me to live. It has helped me accept myself and stop trying to conform to other people’s laid out standards for me.
      For example, some months back, I just googled my name randomly and stumbled on this blog I created since 2012 and I re-started blogging right away. This is very fulfilling for me because writing is my lifestyle. And even when there is obviously no publication outlet, I find that I keep writing because the Inspiration is no respecter of persons. Lol. And these days, many thoughts I would have trashed for lack of readership feasibilities or literary viability, I write all the same. When I did my first and only interview so far on this blog, the idea just came to me and though I’d never done an interview before, I went on and did it. I did not even tell the guy I interviewed I was blogging. I just said I wanted to interview him and he agreed. He was quite wowed when I shared the post later on. By the way, you can read the interview here I have sent out my writings to several publication outlets afterwards. Par example, I got published in my faculty magazine (the article can also be found here And in an anthology ( for the poem also found here And I did a movie review at
      Last week, I suddenly realized I could not even remember haven ever eaten a red apple. Of course I’d eaten tons of the green one and the small pink ones but red? Can’t remember. I was already at the checkout at the mall when I remembered so, I excused myself, left my stuff and went to get me one red apple. It tasted great.

And oh, I finally got to eat sausage from a particular mobile kitchen my roommate recommended several months ago. Tasted great too! I remember styling my hair in a particular way some weeks back, some lady said to me on the street, “aunty, I’ve never seen anyone style (she said pack) their hair this way o”. I laughed and told her the style is called ‘who is in the garden’, lol. I was trying to get a new style and stumbled on another. I’ve gone out of my way to do a lot of things(good things mind you), encouraged, counselled other people, give my opinion on issues (which I used to think, ‘oh, not now, not yet’), tried out new self invented recipes, carried out self imposed researches, cracked jokes and made other laugh, shopped for things I’ d have put off till I come into some huge money (El dorado? Lol), repaired electrical stuffs myself, two weeks ago I opened up and rewired a six phase junction box even though it was late in the night. Someone said, ‘do it tomorrow’ , I said no, I’m doing it tonight and I did it. I even bought a ticket and went to see a live play in June since I last did (paid for ticket) about six years ago. I wrote about it here And now, it’s no longer about if it works or if not, how it turns out or how not, if it’s good and godly, I just go on and do it.
      Not to bore ourselves with endless verbosity, the bottomline remains, seize the day! Tempus fugit! This doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges, it doesn’t mean all will be smooth, for example, I thought of doing some other interviews and tried to contact the folks I had in mind but nothing came out of it. I tried repairing my cooker like I did before but had to give it to an electrician and eventually, I had to get another one and so on. The graveyard is filled with good intentions and great potentials, how about we live them out now while we’re still alive? As Baltasar Gracian said, “dreams will get you nowhere, a good kick in the pants will take you a long way”. What I am doing right now is kicking you in the pants, get up and LIVE! Get up and write that book, make that apology, develop that idea, change that habit… Stop waiting for tomorrow because in the real sense, tomorrow never comes, it subtly transforms into today before those who wait for it can fathom what’s happened and they end up starting to wait all over again. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, open your eyes, welcome to life.


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