I first wrote this a few years ago as the Spirit inspired me. Please read and be blessed.


ROM and RAM are two types of computer memory. The Read Only Memory (ROM) is a computer memory on which data has been prerecorded. Once data has been written onto a ROM chip, it cannot be removed and can only be read. It is non-volatile that is it does not lose its content when power is turned off. It stores critical programs that boot the computer.
Random Access Memory (RAM) is a computer memory that can be accessed randomly. It is the most common type of memory. It is volatile that is it loses its content when power is turned off. Also called read/ write memory.
Just like the ROM and RAM, there are Read Only Christians (ROC) and Random Access Christians (RAC).Random Access Christians are the commonest type found around. Like their name implies they are randomly accessed, tossed to and fro by every wave of doctrine. Just like the RAM, they are volatile, very volatile! They lose their content when power is turned off, compromise when no one is looking. They deny Christ for worldly gain, adjust to the standard of the world and misconstrue the word of God to suit selfish ends. RACs will tell you, ‘let’s put the Bible aside and face reality’ whoever said the Bible is not real! Instead of showing the world the way, the world is charting their path. If you fall in the day of battle your strength is small (you’re volatile).
Read Only Christians however are just like the ROM, unchangeable come what may. With the fullness of Christ prerecorded on them, they can only be read not unduely influenced by the world. ROCS rock the world. They’ve got the Holy Spirit and power, built on Christ the solid rock, they are unshakeable. They do not lose their bearing in affliction, they come forth as gold when tried. They have set the Lord before them therefore like the psalmist they cannot be moved! They are the letters the world reads, the evidence of God’s reality to an unbelieving world. They are non volatile, uncompromising, the Shadrachs, Meshachs and Abednegos of our time, in the pit, prison and den, they remain unchanged. And the spirit expressly says , ‘these are my beloved ones, in whom I’m well pleased, listen to them”. Yea, listen to, read and copy them.
RACs are the do as I says, ROCs are the do as I dos. RACs eventually go to wrack and ruin, ROCs stand forever, they win the battle and overcome the foe. Well…who are you? A ROC or a RAC? Check, check before the owner of the lamp stand comes to remove it.


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