Graphic Musings

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Ode to the Chandelier

An effervescence of illumination An incandescence of splendor Mother of lights; The magnificence of luminosity The fluorescence of beauty Luster of unmatched grandeur; The perfection of ornate radiance The consummation of glassy excellence Boulder of crystal gems Gleam, Chandelier gleam! Glow, Chandelier glow!

Making A Living

When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable

Ode to the Roadside Fount

Fount, oh fount! Benevolent mother Wellspring of wholesomeness Provenience of salubrity Oozing out in rippled bubbles Spreading forth liquefied goodness Fount, oh fount! Flow eternally. Note – This roadside fount caught my fancy several weeks ago. I could not but record the auspicious moment of fascination on camera. 😄


It is appalling that a country so rich and endowed with mineral and human resources; already diversified in terms of peoples and culture as Nigeria has over the years continued to depend mainly on oil for economic survival. Due to the oil market volatilities in recent times however, and a drop in demand for Nigeria’s main export-crude oil, the economy has taken a downward plunge. A sharp decline in both imports and exports resulted in a negative trade balance of N184.1billion naira in the first quarter of 2016. In view of this, this paper looks at the myriads of diversification options open to Nigeria and the role this can play in achieving a sustained economic recovery and development.

Ask Me About Good Food (And it is… Orangade!)

You have heard of lemonade and yes, you have taken it times unnumbered. But I tell you, the goodness of orangade is unmatched. Orangade is my simulated lemonade having as its chief ingredient orange instead of lemon. I’m super excited to share this experience with you. METHOD First I squeezed my peeled orange. Added sugar…


From the snow capped peaks of Kilimanjaro To the unseen depths of Asal From the fertile plains of the Maghrib The land of the setting sun To the living sands of the Namib The land of the brave My roots spread into the earth My shoot, all over the world Trodden by the imperial hooves…


These are Latin terms lawyers inadvertently use everyday and every other day. You’d be surprised at their simple meanings but you’ll be glad you know them thenceforth. And of course they can be and are used in colloquial parlance too. 1. Sui Generis –  this simply translates ‘in a class of its own’. This could…

Ask Me About Good Food (My Wonderful Fish Peppersoup)

Here’s something I made tonight, a product of culinary spontaneity. It turned out like this, And I did enjoy it. Here’s how you can replicate it. INGREDIENTS Fish of choice Curry Thyme Maggi Pepper (Scotch Bonnet) Salt Onion ( a medium sized bulb) METHOD Heat up some water in a casserole Slice in your onion…

Ode to the Almost Homeless Mr Z

Here’s an ode to the almost homeless Mr Z. The patient dog gets the bone So Mr Z was told In patience he towed And waited for his own Each man got a bone And Z was left alone Almost; But for Mr Y The kindhearted Mr Y Who offered to have him stay And…

Ode to an Elephant

Ode to Mr Elephant A coat of many colours An amalgam of interlocking pieces A relic from a milk goody pack A expert eraser of wrongs Ode to Mr Elephant. I took this picture a while ago of this elephant jigsaw puzzle designed eraser I got from a goody pack. Lovely, innit?