Ask Me About Fixing Stuff – DIY

So this evening, I awoke from my siesta to a faulty extension box. It just stopped working. Now, it was working before I slept. So I checked the wall socket, and then the other sockets in the room and they seemed to be in a perfect condition. I went on to test the socket and there was power in it but it wasn’t charging my stuff. So, I knew it was fixing time. First I unscrewed the plug and ascertained that the wires were properly connected. Then I looked at the extension wire on the outside and found a bloated part. That was it.
Diagnosis- ‘Internal burns’
Solution- Cutting up and re affixing the wire or full replacement with a new wire.
I chose the former. All you need for this DIY repair are:

A tester, star to flat screwdriver and a cutter

First thing is to cut the wire at the bloated point.


Then cut off one part from the other.


Remove the shorter wire from the plug. Pay attention to the wire arrangements because the wires coming in has to be arranged the same way especially when not labelled and the wires are not red, black and yellow straight up.


Unscrew and remove the wires. Be careful not to lose the screws. Cut out and sharpen the wires coming in as in picture 2.


Affix them and screw them down tightly. Close the plug and voila!


There’s my extension hale and back to life. Yippee! Found this helpful? Let me know.


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