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From the snow capped peaks of Kilimanjaro
To the unseen depths of Asal
From the fertile plains of the Maghrib
The land of the setting sun
To the living sands of the Namib
The land of the brave
My roots spread into the earth
My shoot, all over the world

Trodden by the imperial hooves of alien horses
Battered by fierce storms from within
Tottering on the unsure stands of democratization;
Weathering the storms of decolonization

The birthplace of the human race
Black warrior of the Sahara
Nurtured with Ugali and Mafe
Donning my Kente regalia
Swifter than Bikila Gebrselassie

The melody of the Mbaqanga singers
The rhythm of the Atilogwu dancers
The sonorous vibration of the Nyatiti
The resonating echo of the Gangan

My colour is my identity
My strength is in diversity
Your sweetest dream
Your strongest beam
I set the pace, and hold the ace
The world’s clemency, my wards’ destiny
Hakuna Matata! Amandla Awethu!



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