Making A Living

What is the purpose of our existence as human beings? Why are we here? These are very important questions we need to ask ourselves not once, not twice but over and again. Each passing day, we should always ruminate? Why am I still alive? And when you’ve found that reason, that real reason, ask, am I living up to it? Am I really living?
When we lose track of why we are here, it’s so easy to slide into abuse. Abuse of ourselves and the life God has given us. That said, I’d like to ask another question, why do we make money? Should making money be an end in itself? Or a means to an end?
I have attended a number of business seminars where the energy to just make money and make money just for the sake of making money was so powerful in the room. And I’ve heard people speak both young and old on the need to be rich and to make money at all costs. So many get rich quick schemes all around, I feel very soon, inability to make money might be criminalized, lol. But here’s the question, why make the money? After making the money then, what?
Of course, we all need money to get by in life and sometimes most of our high and lofty dreams will easier manifest aided by money. But when the end is to make money, I believe it is not only wrong but futile and dissatisfying.
Here’s my stand, making money should be a means, a means to several ends. The end of adding value to the society, living the life God wants us to live, meeting our basic needs, developing ourselves and our society and so on. Those who go about with the principal aim of making money for no purpose in particular end up really miserable. When money becomes the only thing you’re living for, you lose yourself and the real essence of life. Money making must be redirected into a distribution of value and of living an impactful life. This is what I call MAKING A LIVING. So don’t go about looking to make money, if you do not intend to direct the money into impactful living.
Here’s the conclusion of all things, we were made for a purpose, we need money to achieve the purpose but money is not the purpose, not the end, just a means to an end. Don’t just make money, make a living. 


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