Read and Think Outreach


The Read and Think Initiative, a non governmental organization aimed at promoting literacy and helping students find their purpose in life in order to build resourceful students and quality man power for the advancement of our society is the brainchild of Mr Julius F. Ajayi. Remember him? I interviewed him here,
The project, born out of his passion to make an impact in the rural community of Itsukwi in Edo State, Nigeria has since taken the form of a national outreach to Nigerian students. After due survey and planning, Read and Think had her first outreach yesterday. We were at the Glorious Vision International College, Gaa Odota, Ilorin, Nigeria were we  had a great time talking to the students about the philosophy of Read and Think, the anomaly we discovered through the survey amongst other things. 


Our speaker, Mr Ajayi himself started out asking the students to visualize their future, then we considered the purpose of schooling. Moving on to the reward of schooling, we examined world changers and influencers



We also talked about talent discovery and the strengths needed for career, looked at the capacity of the brain, how to learn… We ended with a bit of motivation and self-esteem talk.


At Read and Think Initiative, we’re all about helping students find the right footing in their academic pursuits for an auspicious future.



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