Y’all know I love pictures right? See my poem here on pictures. So, earlier in the year, I attended a photography workshop. That would be the second since the Pixels photography workshop I attended in 2012. This one was a phone photography workshop anyways. The trainer was Mr Adewale Yusuf of OneDot Photography. Ever heard of him? Log on to He’s a popular photographer who’s done great stuff taking photos at home and abroad. After teaching us some important rudiments of phone photography, he took us through some practical sessions of photo taking. In his words, ‘you don’t take pictures, you create images’. Here are some pictures I took at the workshop and consequently worked on…


And my silhouette, yaaaaaaaay! That’s the workshop snap practice volunteer by the way.


Y’all know I love taking pictures. I mean I don’t know someone as crazy about documenting stuff with the camera. Let me say here that if you ever think of gifting me, give a thought to a vintage Leica, lol. Here’s what I’ve been up to afterwards…



Model neck shots for my handmade jewellery business.


My leading line shot.


My Composition shot… And I march on in photography, watch out for me! Cheers !


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