Kehinde Akinbode popularly known as Kenny K’ore is a versatile gospel artiste I cannot but celebrate. That’s because he’s tremendously versatile. Yeah I know I used that word before but is there another word?Yeah, diverse… He has a song for just about every situation or occasion as it were.  And some if these songs have personally been of great help/use to me at some point or the other. TakeAye Ole‘ for instance, I know ‘Infinity’ did that but he was part of them back then. That song is incredibly encouraging, just believe. For all things are possible/easy for he that believes.
There’s ‘Eledumare‘ which praises God in another dimension. How about ‘Halleluyah’. Man! I love that song. Halleluyah, the song of victory! Have you listened to ‘Your Peace‘? That song speaks of peace, the God kind of peace in a turbulent and chaotic world.’ ‘I Believe’ is a testimony of a result oriented faith in God.
Abeemo‘ is an evangelistic song telling of the supremacy of Jesus Christ and urging all unto him. And oh, ‘Yanibo‘, that classic description of a married man’s resistance to adultery and a celebration of the godly virtue-faithfulness. ‘Dideis a prayer to God for breakthrough. ‘Bebelube is a warning to the defiant child who thinks he knows it all and needs no elderly direction or example.
There’s also Official Baby’, a love song, ‘So More’ challenging one unto gratitude to God, ‘Emi ni Tire’ a prayerful submission and rededication to God and my favorite ‘Kuluso‘. An appreciation to the womb that bore and the souls that reared us. I dedicate that song to my mom and dad. God bless them. I could go on and on…
While his lyrics are always deep and relatable, his beats are bae! Anyday! Very danceable, apposite for all kinds of events. Go get ‘Halleluyah‘  for a taste.
If you ask me, Kenny K’ore is one of those few artistes who know what they want, Jesus, and are repping Him in and out. Perhaps he understands that you can’t have your cake and eat it. You are either for God or the world. And he speaks of his Bible based convictions on social media without a shame. That is a gospel artiste.
You’d agree with me that Kenny K’ore is one artiste who has redefined gospel music (and beats, I need to emphasize that outstanding feat) in Nigeria without compromising the message. Jesus must always be the centre of it all.
I have heard of his discipline, commitment, punctuality, pro bono collaboration and originality. Let me also add that he follows back ASAP on social media. I speak from experience, time tested experience. Keep reaching the world for Jesus bro. Let your character keep speaking for you and let me go on enjoying God through your songs. A bientot. Cheers!


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