Read and Think Outreach (III)

The Read and Think Initiative

The Read and Think Initiative train moves on… Forward ever, backward never! On the 2nd of November, we were at Oluwatoyin Progressive Secondary School, Ilorin. All about purpose discovery and proper educational alignment for purpose fulfilment.



After the talk, the students asked questions. Many were concerned about their fitness for the career choices they have made, some are concerned about the requirements for university admission.


In the words of our resource person, Mr Ajayi, ‘I enjoyed myself…One question I found amusing was that of a girl who believed she reads and easily forgets…’  The question was answered by first disabusing her mind of the belief that the challenge she is facing is peculiar to her or that it is a spiritual problem…

That's our media person Miss Funmilayo right there by the projector...

‘… The letter ‘R’ in Read and Think stands for Repeat and Recall. There are different levels of information assimilation. Some people assimilate fast while some slow. I belong to the latter. The only sure way to avoid forgetting is to repeat what you learn. The brain remembers what is repeated… ‘ he explained. He also advised that she strive to understand how long it takes her to digest information and spend twice as much time studying.



Two teachers also raised pertinent questions concerning students who have skills but are slow learners or poor students. Here, we tried to examine the peculiarities of such students case in point, a dyslexic young man who is now an inventor. They were admonished to encourage such students and allow them learn at their own pace. Grades are good but such students should not be written off.


It was a worthwhile experience at O. P. S. S,  Ilorin. Should you not be in the know, The Read and Think Initiative is a non governmental organization aimed at promoting literacy and helping students find purpose in schooling and life generally by helping them align their academic choices with their latent and potential abilities for an auspicious future. Don’t you worry…



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