What’s in your Hand?

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This was the question God asked Moses when he was to deliver the Isralites remember? See Exodus 4:2 citation supplied. He answered that it was a rod. What will your own answer be? I begin to imagine how better our world will be and how easy it will be for us as children of God to show God to others in deed after or before telling them in words. Consider Jesus Christ, see what the Bible said of how He went about doing good. Acts 10: 38 citation supplied. It is true, nay indisputable that we are not saved by good works. But then, we are saved for good works. Our good works gain acceptability on the basis of our faith in Christ. How about after coming to Christ, shouldn’t we advance in good works? By good works now I refer to meeting the needs around us, being the solution to the problems, helping out. Again I ask, what’s in your hand?
How lovely would it be if you were sharing Christ with someone and a socket sparks and light goes off. And you have the technical know how? Would you rather say, ‘oh it’s dark in here, let’s move outside’ or ‘can I check that power box? I think I might be able to do something’ Or what if you knock at a door to witness Christ and a beloved dog just die while you happen to be a Veterinary Doctor? Or some kitchen sink is leaking? A convulsing child? An unclear maths equation? A car not starting? Before you say what’s in your mouth, what’s in your hand? As children of God, we are heavenly conscious and earthly relevant, whether we eat or drink, whatever we do, we point men to Christ. The things we know how to do should not be done in isolation while we preach in isolation, even the work of our hands must point men to Christ. It was J. Maxwell who said that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. He was right. So what can you do? Wht solution can you profer? What answer can you supply? That could be your passport to reach the world for God. What’s in your hand?


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