Ask Me About Good Food (Designer Noodles à l’Omelette)

Remember that line from Jenifa’s Diary? ‘Disaina nodus a la boid hegg garnish wit a liru bit of shnadin,and some vegetabu to make it to be heldy. Hot tea to wash it down,bon appetit.’ That was Shege by the way. Today’s meal is actually ‘Designer Noodles… Okay maybe not exactly designer but, hey! It’s still a design? Right? Never mind. Designer noodles à l’ Omelette.  Yeah, that’s it. You can design yours any which way.
To achieve this, I simply cooked my noodles, lol. Okay,method…

Heat up some water.
Slice in some onion and a few drops of vegetable oil.
Add noodles seasoning
Add noodles lastly and simmer till cooked.

Season your egg to taste and whisk
Smear your pan with some vegetable oil
Heat up.
Pour in your whisked egg
Fry till set.
Sha make an omelette.


Lemme know how yours goes…Bon appétit.


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