Read and Think Outreach IV


Hola again from all of us at Project Read and Think! Have you been wondering how and where we’ve been? We’ve been fine and working! On the 5th of this month, we were at Balogun Model College, Ilorin.


Our resource person Mr Ajayi was up to the task as usual helping students get their academic priorities right and aligned with their purpose and career choices.


Is he going to fly? Okay no, he was only making an illustration. Spot the students paying attention, wonderful students….


A very interactive session…



Something from the resource person…
‘At our outreach today, a student said to me, “you said money should not be our motivation for choosing our career, why then do we have to work?”

I realized he belonged to the category of students who have been conditioned to believe schooling is the way out of poverty. He believes the pay of a job is the major determinant of whatever career he wants to choose.

I answered that by saying money shouldn’t be his major motive does not mean he won’t make money. But the quest to make money (alone) will make him forget the more important things.

Money comes as a reward for the value we add to other people (or organizations) and the solutions we create for the society. The greater the value an individual adds to people, the higher their monetary reward.

I told him running after money rather than a deep passion and love for what he wants to do will only make him a slave to money, he will never be satisfied and will do almost any underhanded thing  for money.

Lastly, money is never enough, even for Dangote. Running after it will only frustrate one and rob us of the fulfilment and satisfaction money cannot buy.’
By the way, we recently made an idea pitch geared towards aiding learning for blind students at the Centre for the Blind, Ogbomoso. We didn’t make it to winning but we’re going on and doing what we can all the same. You can contact us via the number below or drop a comment if you can be of any help at all, thanks.

The Read and Think Initiative is a non governmental organization aimed at promoting literacy and helping students find purpose in schooling and life generally by helping them align their academic choices with their latent and potential abilities for an auspicious future. Don’t you worry…



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