My Daily Fruit Challenge


The dictionary defines a challenge as a test of somebody’s abilities, or a situation that tests somebody’s abilities in a stimulating way. I call it that which tasks you extra, bringing out your latent abilities. Okay, let’s not get too serious, I want to talk about my daily fruit challenge. Yass! You see in November, I decided to do a fruit challenge, which tasked me to take at least one fruit each day. Oh it was tasking I lie not. Fine, day 1, I started with watermelon…


That’s the table I made to tick off each successful day, lol.
I didn’t realize how challenging it could be until I came to days I had to just make sure I buy the fruits even if I’m buying nothing else. There was this particular day my roommate and I had to walk about ten minutes distance from where we lived to go get some fruit at night when it was looking like there wasn’t going to be any fruiting that day. Man! We had to call another friend to help get some fruits across her street so we’d just meet up on the way and get it. I took this picture of the full moon as we strolled off…


There was this day I was so busy working into the night I forgot to have any fruit, it was the 15th I remember. So I had an orange at 12.11 am, just imagine. And yeah I must thank my roommates and folks who though refused to join me despite my constant urgings, helped me through it, reminding me to have fruits, even buying me fruits, which made my challenge, very easy and as you must have noticed, saturated with oranges. Lol.
I had to travel during this challenge but I made sure to buy a bunch of bananas and have them in the mornings before leaving for the programme I’d gone for.
And there were days when I wasn’t yet sure nor could decide what I was going to eat for the day but one thing was sure, I had to take fruits.
Then someone said not to take fruits first thing on empty stomach because it can be acidic, another said all fruits turn alkaline in the body… Whatever! I had to take fruits. And after many days (in Jowhor Ile’s voice) I won, in the end, I finished! Yay!
My roommate wanted me to do a before and after health effect of having a fruit each day for one month but hey, that wasn’t the plan. The goal was just to achieve a daily intake of fruits for one month and it’s done, thank God! But I cannot deny having benefited health wise from the exercise. The times, I took bananas before heading out, I had a wonderful supply of energy to fire on till a proper meal, and the oranges were good for a constant supply of Vit C, okay, I’ll not assume a nutritionist stance. How challenging was 2016 for you? Lemme know.


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