You should try dancing
You really should
Why? Because…
While we express ourselves to God
Our bodies move in tune
And syncs with our spirit
In reverent worship

You see dancing is an exercise
And you sure do need it
Now I know elephants can’t dance
Or so they say
But you’re no animal?
Correct me if I be wrong.

Mountains skip before Him
And even trees clap their hands
The grasses bow in worship
The clouds roll back in reverence
The ocean rises and falls in awe
Nature is dancing!
How much more YOU?

Now we don’t dance when it’s a funeral
We seldom christen in church
So I know you’re probably waiting for your wedding day
Solemnization in Holy matrimony they call it.
I wonder how Holy? But I digress!
Let me tell you what will happen
On that day;
PHCN will disappoint
Generators won’t work
The inverters will decharge
And there’d be no music
Nay dancing
Worse still,
The D.J won’t show up
The merry makers will disappoint
And the gadgets will take a break
And there’d be no singing
Nay dancing

Better still,
The flight will be preponed
And you’d be flung into honeymoon
Immediately after the joining
Or you’d be married in court
Before a disgruntled loveless registrar
And there’d be no music
Nay, dancing.

Now I’m no prophet of doom
And I intend to inflict no gloom
But I know you won’t be found in a club
Where they tap dance, lap dance and everything dance
You won’t be found at the annual festivals
Where men sodiwuke upandan
All you have is church
And before your maker
So why stand like a pestle?
But even the pestle dances in action?
Why duro siiii bi eni ti oko ja sile?
But if you were left behind you won’t be here?
Abi you’re shy ni?
But why shall you shy?
Even if you shall shy shall you shy before your creator?

Abeg dance
Let me show you how.
Put your two hands together
Move to the right, to the left
To the right, to the left
Follow the song
Sing aloud
Loosen up; lose yourself
Find your rhythm
Start with a step
Increase the tempo…

Dance while you can
Give praise to God
Dance, dance, don’t stop
Dans, dans, dans!


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