Ask Me About Good Food (Homemade Wheat Bread)

Hallos! I love homemade! Who doesn’t? Homemade wheat bread is bae, you’ll agree. I made some recently.


Here’s how…

Sifted wheat flour (4 cups)
All Purpose Flour (2 cups)
Honey (One Overflowing Tablespoonful)
Yeast (2 Tablespoonfuls)
Milk (Powdered, 1 Tablespoonful)
Warm Water to Dissolve Yeast.
Vegetable Oil (3 Tablespoonfuls)
Salt (Half Teaspoon)

Pour some warm water in the mixing bowl
Stir in yeast and allow to get activated. (Might show slight bubbles after a while for proof of activation)
Add honey and milk and mix.
Add wheat flour, all purpose flour and salt.
Knead thoroughly.
Add some warm (or ordinary) water to achieve a soft dough.
Add vegetable oil and work into the dough, leaving the sides of the bowl clean.
Cover with a clean nylon and swad in thick clothes or place in the sun.
Allow to rise for an hour (1 hour).
Heat up your oven.
Prepare your baking pans or tray woth non stick spray
Alternatively, oil your pan or tray lightly, then sprinkle with some flour and spread evenly.
Divide your dough into equal pieces or as you’d like it.
Knead lightly on a floured board.
Put into your pan or tray and bake.



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