Let’s lol first. Then read…


How do you feel when you try to save someone from an impending danger or enlighten a perceived ignorance and it turns out you’re the one who needs some real putting through? Embarrassed? Disappointed in yourself? That’s exactly how I felt last night. I was attending this arts stuff- festival and at some point, had to use the ladies. I wonder why it’s called the ladies anyways… So I came out of the cubicle and thought to wash my hand. I put some soap on my hand and turned the faucet. No water. Jeez! I turned it the other way, no water. Whatchamagonnado? Nigerian toilets won’t kill me! I reached for my water bottle in my handbag just as a lady came out of one of the cubicles. I recognized her as one of the special guests of honour at the event and activated ‘saviour mode’.
‘Don’t put soap on your hand, there’s no water,’ I said, nay, jumped, showing her my soap soaked hand.
She gave me that ‘are you kidding me’ look at first.
‘There’s no water,’ I repeated. ‘I’d put soap on my hand before realizing it,’ I explained and brought out my water bottle.
‘Are you serious?’ She quipped disbelievingly and went on to turn on the faucet.
Whoosh! Whoosh! Water gushed out.
I was overgasted. Short of words…
‘Oh,’ I mustered and turned on the faucet too.

So did you enjoy my uber short true life story? It really happened you know? Man! I was flabberwhelmed!

Moral: When it comes to faucets, ‘turn’ don’t work for ‘press’. Follow this thread for translations into other languages of the world.

P. S. This is me having a great time with translation. Ride with me!


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