Ask Me About Good Food – Homemade Wheat Cake

Yippee! Hallos! New recipe! Yay!
And did I hear you ask how easy it is? Uber!
I’ll call it my quick fix home made wheat cake. Believe me you can have this for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s not only nutritious but filling too.

Vegetable Oil




Baking Powder
Sifted Wheat Flour
Sifted All Purpose Flour



Add one heaped tablespoonfull of butter to one heaped tablespoonfull of sugar

Cream till fluffy

Stir in a tablespoonfull of vegetable oil

Add a few drops of flavour (I used vanilla)

Mix well

Break in an egg( do not aforewhisk)

Measure in a cup (milk tin) of wheat flour.

Add half tablespoon of baking powder

Mix. (Might form a thick dough)

Mix a tablespoonfull of powdered milk with a cup (milk tin) of water.

Add to the mixture.

Measure in half cup of all purpose flour.

Mix till even

Pour into a prepared baking pan and bake.


How to prepare your baking pan
1- Clean your pan
2- Oil or grease evenly with vegetable oil or butter.
3- Dust evenly with flour minding all corners and crevices.
4- C’est pret!


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